Perfecting technical specifications is a skill but connecting with people is an art. Avicor has mastered both. Our team delivers impressive projects through a perfect calibration of resources, budgets and timelines. We listen closely, we get to know you, so that we understand the values supporting your idea.

We have the experience to manage the unexpected with efficiency and grace. And we are open to taking on big challenges—like building an office environment that reinvents how your people work.

In a world where everything is moving faster, our team takes the time necessary to build projects we can all be proud of. The Avicor team is your team.

Avicor Construction Portfolio

Celebrating 30 years since its humble inception, Avicor has expanded to achieve a leadership role in commercial and industrial construction specializing in interior office finishes.

Spanning across Montreal, Toronto and the United States, Avicor’s success can be attributed to their focus on detail, a solid team base, and an exhaustive catalogue of talented subtrades.

Among a thorough list of notable endeavours, Avicor boasts several LEED & WELL projects and is committed to ensuring innovative and environmentally sustainable options.

They trust us​

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